Monday, August 31, 2020

August 31


Yes, another month gone.  Yes, I'm glad.  I've never been a fan of August. Never. It's really one of the dullest months we have.  I think it is because it is a wind-down kind of month, quickly followed by an anticipatory month. August signifies the loss of sunlight hours, the browning of lawns and plants, kids who desperately need structure in their lives, and yet more grilled hamburgers. So yes, let's move on to the new academic year, pumpkin and apple flavors, and the glorious fall colors that start to emerge in September.  

Before we move on, I would like to take just a moment to acknowledge that each August culminated with my mother's birthday.  August 31.  This year is no different, even though she left us 9  years ago.  It is still the anniversary of her birth as long as there are people who care.  And there are.  We miss her as evidenced by my west coast brother's text early this morning - wishing her a happy 98th birthday.  

Each person has one main woman who has influenced his/her life and that woman evokes emotion of some sort.  It could be good emotions or bad emotions - just as I think there is a range of emotions within the memories of our sibling cohort.  Each perception of the reality of that mother / child relationship is different,  but reality nonetheless. For me, it is love.  Pure and simple love, very flawed - but the best both of us could muster at the various intervals of our lives.  And that's enough.

Also, one more thing that was significant to me on this August 31.  The following passage came across my Facebook feed today.  I thought the timing was appropriate.